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There may be no gambling tables, shoot-outs or the usual gangster fanfare that audiences appreciated in "The Godfather" and "Casino", but in a video starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci look-alikes, there are facts that may be vital to your patients' health.

In "The Wise Guys' Wise Up...To Food and Medicine," the DeNiro and Pesci look-alikes - in their Italian suits and dark glasses - guide viewers through a 15-minute introduction to how foods co-mingle with medicine in the body. The video communicates a simple message: What you eat can affect the medicines your taking.

Unlike most nutritional videos on the market, "Wise Guys" doesn't antagonize viewers about how sick they might get from a diet incompatible with their prescription medication. Instead, it sends a humorous message about the importance of being informed.

Produced by Caryn Nistico/Reel Fun Films
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